Why Octave?


We are passionate about creating original music.

Octave is not a music production library.  At Octave, we create ownable, one-of-a-kind music for your production.  Your music will sound like your Film or TV Show, and no other

We start from silence, and in working closely with executive producers, show runners and editors, we create the music soundtrack for your show.  


What sets Octave Music apart?


A very unique aspect to our music, is that we take pride in utilizing as many living, breathing, world-class musicians as possible.  We are constantly collaborating with our friends in NYC, L.A. and Nashville.   


When does the music get created?


While you are filming, we are conjuring the musical soundtrack for your production and it will be ready for your editors to begin sculpting the sound of the show when editorial begins.


NYC based.

Hand-made music.

Composed and recorded for all media.