Ben Zebelman | Owner | Composer

Ben is an Emmy award winning composer, arranger, producer and music entrepreneur with over 15 years experience composing and recording music for every platform imaginable. His music can currently be heard in outlets worldwide including: The NYC Museum of Modern Art, The Bronx Zoo, HBO, TLC, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, Travel Channel, CBS and many more.

Watt White | Composer

Watt is a multi-talented Composer, Singer, Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Producer based in New York City.  Some career highlights include: Touring and performing with Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Deftones; Music Directing Tony-Winning Broadway/Rock diva Lena Hall; collaborating with Nerdcore rap icon MC Lars and French artist Lulu Gainsbourg. His music can be heard on nearly every broadcast outlet in the USA and around the world.

Principle Talent

We are constantly collaborating with musicians in NYC, L.A. and Nashville.   Recording with the best musicians breathes life into our tracks in ways a computer can't.

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